The three major factors in evolution

The three major factors in evolution

15.12. In connection with the argument for cosmology being an indispensable stage in evolution towards cosmic consciousness, it must be stressed that evolution does not just depend upon a single factor but on several factors. Martinus has on one occasion listed the three most important factors for mankind’s evolution:


  1. One’s own experiences
  2. Education
  3. The good example


Of these three factors our own experience plays by far the largest role, let us simply say approximately 80%. (Danish Kosmos no. 5/2013). But teaching, for example in connection with spiritual science, also plays an important role, e.g. 15%. Inspiration to follow others good example plays a small but not insignificant role in evolution, about 5%.

It is a general principle in evolution towards cosmic consciousness that the more evolved help and teach the less evolved. Therefore, the parent principle or the principle of world redemption can also be included under the eternal principles of creation in the creative faculty X2.

Martinus Cosmology is a moral teaching that aims to inspire people to practise neighbourly love. Martinus warned against deliberate attempts to achieve cosmic glimpses or an artificial initiation.

Martinus: “For with fundamental moral development the cosmic faculties will come about quite of themselves in a natural way in all their unfailing power and strength and without any danger or any risk to the individual” (LB1 §208).

“After all, we can nevertheless never get the explanation anywhere else than through life’s own direct speech”, writes Martinus (LB3 §679). It could be interpreted that studies do not play any role in evolution. But studies and teaching are also a part of life’s direct speech. Moreover, Livets Bog is a handbook for observing life. Livets Bog is a language aid and grammar helping towards an independent understanding of “Life’s direct speech”.

Martinus: “I, with my cosmic analyses, do not wish to be an authority in whom people must believe. The individual spiritual researcher must carefully re-examine and study my lifework. He must confront it with his own experiences. Only then can it be of value to him, when it becomes independent thinking and analysing, when – it becomes a help for self-help which leads to initiation into the mystery of life itself” (Possession, English Kosmos, no. 4/1988).

Framsida af Livets Bog i 1932. Vid utgivandet valde Martinus inte det ovan nämnda tecknet, men strålkorset på framsidan av Livets Bog (se symbol nr 41, Den eviga världsbilden, del 4).
Livets Bog 1 (The Book of Life) publishes first time 1932. by “Livets Bogs Bureau” later The Martinus Institute.

Framsida af Livets Bog i 1932. Vid utgivandet valde Martinus inte det ovan nämnda tecknet, men strålkorset på framsidan av Livets Bog (se symbol nr 41, Den eviga världsbilden, del 4).

15.13   Martinus shows a very tolerant attitude

Martinus’ comprehensive tolerance emerges particularly in the Preface to Livets Bog where he defends all people, as in section 14 where he writes that Livets Bog is a defence even of the book’s opponents, and in section 19, where he emphasizes that Livets Bog is a defence of all existing beings.

Martinus: “Livets Bog cannot, therefore, be encapsulated in, or monopolized by, any kind of sect or community; for, just because of its universal, impartial manifestation of love and wisdom, it can never come to exist without forming a textbook equally for those who are not members of any sect as it is for those who are, just by virtue of its identity as a universal expression of life’s own living religion – of which everyone, as said above, is a member, and all things are doctrines” (LB1 §15).

For every truth seeker or student of life’s highest problems, it is of great importance to be guided to the right source of information and Martinus does not write here that Livets Bog is the sole proper source. He writes instead that the divine wisdom radiates through many different forms of beings, sciences, religions and branches of art.

But how can one know that one has found the right source of informational source? One is at the proper source when one gets inspiration and experiences “a flow of warm waves, a flow of life-force and energy, of ideas, of longing to represent a higher degree of perfection, a flow of hope and faith in Providence and the Father, of divine satisfaction, harmony and happiness and an irresistible urge for loving; in other words, an increased ability to love everything and everybody. Where he is in contact with one or more of these flows, there is his right place in life” (LB1 §17).

Livets Bog 1 under the title “The Third Testament”

15.14   Livets Bog is sufficient to get cosmic consciousness

People have often asked if Martinus would manage to finish his work, to which he replied that his mission was finished with the completion of Livets Bog. Everything he wrote afterwards was “extra”. In Livets Bog, which was completed in 1960, there was sufficient material to obtain cosmic consciousness.

As an 80-year-old Martinus said: “There are some new things I hope to get completed and even though I do not manage to get it finished as I want, then I must say that the world mission is rescued. There has been given so much material that the new world culture can flourish. Humanity can attain cosmic consciousness through the study of my analyses and with the practice of the following subsequent way of being” (Lecture 11 August 1970, EWP5 §77.2).

As an 85-year-old Martinus said in his welcoming speech at Klint, “There is the best prospect that I get a couple more years and can finish what I have already started. I have a lot that I want to complete. But my mission, that which can give mankind cosmic consciousness, is long finished. The mission has long since been finished. What I have left are things that I embarked upon because I was so strong and because I have the strength to be able to implement them” (Danish Kosmos, no. 7/2004).


15.15   Previously the most evolved people on earth needed to incarnate on other planets in order to get teaching in spiritual science

When Martinus in 1932 wrote the first volume of his main work Livets Bog, even relatively highly evolved people could not get cosmic consciousness here on earth.

Martinus: “The Great Birth cannot take place on earth in the case of those human beings who gradually become so purified and developed that they are able to receive a fundamental experience of it, but only in worlds which are further forward in evolution. This means that when a terrestrial person has experienced a number of forerunner symptoms of the Great Birth through several lives, and has become mature enough for the genuine experience, he or she will no longer be born on this earth but in a higher world where the Great Birth is fundamental. But in about three thousand years time the earth’s development will have reached so far that the Great Birth can be experienced here, and the real human kingdom will have arisen within the earth’s horizon” (LB1 §248).

But already after 1960, when LB7 and thus the entire main work was completed, one was indeed able to get cosmic consciousness on this planet. This is evident from the following quote, which was published four years later in 1964.

Martinus, “Before we go on we must point out that so far no being here on the earth has been able to evolve as far as the finished stage, where it has become the human being in God’s image after his likeness. When such a finished human being, such as described above, showed itself in flesh and blood, showed itself in a physical organism, it was in reality only as a guest on the earth. The conditions for reaching such a high evolutionary standard have not previously been present here on the earth. And the beings then, when they had become mature enough for an evolutionary epoch that was as yet unattainable on the earth, had to incarnate or be born in a world or on a planet that was so much further forward in evolution that it had the conditions for the beings there to evolve right up to the finished stage and become human beings in God’s image after his likeness. Many of the advanced men and women of the past have long since incarnated on such a higher planet or world, which is even now a finished or real human world, such as that which the earth one day will become. Not until the new epoch of world redemption that began in the twentieth century could people complete their evolution towards becoming God’s image after his likeness here on earth” (EWP2 §21.6).

It is especially Martinus’ work as the kernel of the twentieth century’s world redemption that has changed this situation so that one can now have cosmic consciousness here on the earth. According to Martinus the world state will come to have the cosmology as its “religion” or spiritual basis, and it will come to permeate the entire future culture in such a way that the cosmic analyses will become an integral and natural part of mankind’s way of thinking. Children of the future will be taught in school the symbols and the analyses and that means that no person on earth will be able to avoid becoming acquainted with the cosmic analyses, even without detailed study of Livets Bog.


15.16   The analyses shall be translated into practical behaviour

Martinus describes how the acquisition of the cosmic analyses through the A-, B- and C-stage helps the being onwards to cosmic consciousness. To get cosmic consciousness, the cosmic analyses of spiritual science shall first be integrated into the consciousness as theoretical A-knowledge and then be translated into conscious practising as B-knowledge, and finally as automatic practising in the form of C-knowledge.

Martinus writes about this evolution in connection with the analyses of mankind’s sexual development from A- to K- human beings. The most evolved people on earth today are the so-called I-human beings who have grown out of marriage and have got such a universal love that they can love their own sex. Previously, I-human beings here on earth had to incarnate on other more evolved planets to acquire the cosmic analyses of spiritual science and cosmic consciousness (LB5 §1890).

Martinus: “When the I-human being had reached a certain level of maturity, it had to incarnate, as previously mentioned, on another planet that had evolved to such a higher level that the solution to the mystery of life or the real, eternal world picture was an absolutely concrete and general, awake day-conscious fact, and where the great birth was a daily occurrence, just as physical birth is an everyday occurrence here on the terrestrial plane. Here the mature I-human being slipped instantly into the process of acquiring the cosmic analyses of spiritual science. These became A-knowledge, which means, knowledge based on realistic facts. Then they became a daily practice, which is the same as B-knowledge. Through daily practice, they became C-knowledge, which in turn is the same as an independent habitual function or talent. And with his behaviour culminating in humaneness and neighbourly love, and his psyche and intellectuality culminating in the highest knowledge, the I-human being’s spiritual and physical vibrations came onto the same wavelength as the keynote of the universe or the energy of absolute love. And the very moment that the being’s psyche came into contact with this wavelength, the great birth began. The being was no longer an animal but a human being in God’s image” (LB5 §1892).


15.17   The Jewish temple as a symbol of the A-, B- and C-stage of cosmic consciousness

In his book Logic, chapter 94, Martinus has in special detail explained a talent’s creation through the three stages of A-, B- and C-knowledge, which represent respectively theoretical knowledge, practical exercise and perfect or automatic function. In the article The Temple of the Psychic in Book no. 21 (translated in English Kosmos, no. 1/1993) and in LB6 §1984-1987 Martinus explains the symbolism to be found in the Jewish tabernacle with the outer and the inner forecourts, the outer sanctum and the Holy of Holies or inner sanctum.

“The heathens who populate the outer forecourt are all beings who still live as tools for the manifestations of the killing principle, live as powerful physical killers” (LB6 §1984).

“Only the beings who have finished with all these manifestations of killing and are no longer possessed by the great superstition, that one is permitted to persecute one’s neighbour, because it is this neighbour who is the cause of one’s unhappy fate, aspire to the Great Birth” (LB6 §1985).

In Martinus’ interpretation of the symbolism of the temple of initiation the people in the “inner forecourt” have a theoretical understanding of the cosmic analyses, and are thus at wisdom’s A-stage. By practising the cosmic analyses in daily behaviour, they enter gradually into the “outer sanctum”, which is the seat of wisdom’s B-stage. Wisdom’s C-stage corresponds to “the Holy of Holies” or “inner sanctum”.

Martinus: “When wisdom has thus become an automatic function in the daily behaviour and the being in that way has no more darkness to contend with or does not have anything to overcome in their way of being, and the same being has become a human being who in every particular complies with neighbourly love or the principle of loving one’s neighbour as oneself, as the obvious and natural way of being, then it is finished with the animal kingdom. Then it has got through both the ‘forecourt’, the ‘inner forecourt’ and the ‘outer sanctum’ and has now entered ‘the Holy of Holies’ or ‘inner sanctum’ in God’s tabernacle or the temple of life. Then it has become a true ‘high priest’ or a Christ-being that has access to the temple of life’s ‘Holy of Holies’. It is this making perfect of the being, which culminates in the form of ‘the Great Birth’ or initiation” (LB6 §1985).


15.18   Cosmic consciousness is God consciousness

In the explanation of the symbol, “The Second Coming of Christ in the clouds” [no. 23], on the front cover of the main work Martinus explains how the world redeemer helps when the highly evolved human being aspires to initiation in cosmic consciousness.

Martinus: “At this stage the aspirant to the great birth meets the world redeemer or the Christ-being. The aspirant thus witnesses this being, who reveals himself to him in his celestial glory. He sees the world redeemer in an all-pervading white flood of rays emanating from his cosmic body, which appears to be built up of millions upon millions of microscopic stars each emitting a little flood of rays of snow-white light, which, together with the multitude of other small stars, forms the snow-white, all-outshining light-material of which the Christ-being’s organism is built up. With this all-outshining cosmic organism of light the Christ-being now penetrates the spirit of the aspirant and hereby opens its talent kernels for the experience of cosmic consciousness (EWP2 §23.5).

Martinus: “What else could be world morality other than love? – Love must be the world morality, and love is indeed the answer in everything I have done, in everything I have written. I have never criticised anything, not even the black or dark. But I have explained the darkness and its consequences and explained how it leads to the light at the end. Everything leads to the light. Everything leads to God. Everything leads forward to that mankind gets God consciousness” (Danish Kosmos, no. 7/2004).


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